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Welcome, snacklover!

We love food and drinks. That is exactly why we are always keen on how, where and with what ingredients our products are made. Welcome to Delicante!

About us

Welcome to Delicante for consulting, sales, import, and export.

Delicante AB was founded in 1997 in Sweden's fourth-largest city, Uppsala. The company has been active in various industries and guidelines ranging from grocery to cafés and restaurants. In recent years, the company has served as a consultant advisor to various companies with great ideas and creative solutions to improve product quality, sale techniques, and customer service.

With us, you will find information about sales techniques and much more that we hope will be useful for you to read about and use practices.

We understand the value of customer relationships and that is why we look forward to developing a long-term partnership of trust, integrity, and honesty with all our stakeholders. With a strong vision, Delicante is committed to maintaining strong ties in existing markets and further building their markets globally.

We are here for you who want to import goods from abroad. We have information for you, both business and private. There are some different rules depending on who is importing and it is very important to keep track of all laws and regulations when you bring in goods or services to Sweden. We try to address all aspects that should be considered to make you feel safe when importing.


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